Why Work at InDeft?

At InDeft, you are not an ordinary employee. Each one of you is an ideapreneur who has the freedom to ideate and generate innovative solutions to our customer’s problems. If you like new ideas, challenges, “re-inventing things”, and working with a small but absurdly talented group of people in a learning-friendly, rapidly evolving environment, we want to hear from you.

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Incredible Team

We are proud of our exceptional team that works in a mentor-mentee model allowing every employee to build on their skills, competencies, and achieve their career goals.

Reward & Recognition

Base salary that matches the industry standards and a recognition system that gives due credit to all your efforts, plus a team that celebrates every win no matter how big or small.

Learning & Development

We give equal importance to personal development and your organizational roles. We create opportunities and provide the resources to sharpen your skills and upskill you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does InDeft Technology Solutions Do?
We ideate solutions and drive change. We drive IT transformations with a core focus on IT-Infrastructure, Application development, and Automation. Our end-to-end services cover all that the organizations looking for digital/technological transformation would require, right from Software Development, to IT Security Services, to Managed Services and other Project Services.
We promote freedom and creativity that add value to the work. We value inputs and focus on teamwork, allowing each individual to expand their skills and capabilities. InDeft values talent, and once we see the potential, we nurture by providing the ideal environment. We try to minimize Stress and pressure and allow our employees to be productive and creative to the fullest.
InDeft is like any other IT firm, but a bit different because we promote learning and support continuous development. We give each employee the opportunity to experience and utilize their skillsets to the best of their abilities, in a learning-friendly environment.

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